Nice Businesses Finish First

June 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

Here’s a new opportunity for HR. A study from the McGill Institute published in the Harvard Business Review says that an organization can be more profitable if it treats its lowest level employees well. Up to now, corporate boards have tended to focus on the star players and executives, while assuming there will always be a stream of qualified people to take on the menial tasks. In fact, many organizations are rewarded with rising stock prices for laying off rank-and-file employees and reducing benefits.

If senior executives take note of the new research and begin beefing up support for their lowest level employees, HR departments will be the most logical resource within organizations to lead a myriad of new offerings and programs.

The research states that by focusing on the satisfaction of core staff, businesses tend to structure work more efficiently and are rewarded with stronger employee engagement. That results in more productivity and profitability — something that shareholders, employees and the community can be happy about.

If there were a strong push to emphasize satisfaction and engagement among the lowest paid workers in your organization, what programs would be implemented? What would make your staff members happier and more willing to go the extra mile for your organization?


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