Is HR up to the task?

October 28, 2010 at 3:48 pm Leave a comment

To say the business environment has changed over the last five years is an understatement. Whether you consider the impact of technology and social media or the affect of the Great Recession on the global workforce, most people agree that future organizations will be run differently.

A recent Wall Street Journal article suggests that companies will have to act more like the marketplace, and less like the beauracratic, stagnant corporations of the past. Organizations that can adjust to market developments by reallocating resources are more likely to come out on top than those that cling to comfortable processes.

Not looking to the future is the biggest danger that organizations fall into, Gary Hamel, a business strategy consultant told the WSJ. It isn’t just recognizing what new products or services are coming down the road. Organizations need to invest in those innovations and be ready to take advantage of market opportunities when they arise.

Here’s where HR’s expertise comes in. In order to recognize and move toward innovation, organizations need engaged talent. A recent Gallup poll says 56 percent of employees are unhappy with their jobs. With that much discontent, I doubt companies are receiving the bottom-line benefits of a workforce that cares enough about the future of the organization that it will bring new ideas to the table.

HR will be at the forefront of creating new workplace structures. Employees will have to think and act more like entrepreneurs, says Alan Murray, author of the WSJ article.

Is HR up to the task? If HR isn’t there to break down structures that hinder innovation, who will?


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