The impact of toxic workers

September 22, 2011 at 1:39 pm Leave a comment

Carol Bartz‘ s firing lit the Web ablaze the last two weeks with news stories, opinions and analysis of her personality and how she was fired. I came across an interesting comment the former Yahoo CEO made in an article discussing her use of “salty language.” In response to a question about hiring staff, she said, “There has to be a no-a _ _ _ _ _ _ rule.”

Whatever you think of Bartz and the way she expresses herself, that’s a refreshing philosophy on hiring, especially coming from a CEO. As the head of an IT company that is facing huge competitive pressures, you’d assume she wouldn’t care who is hired, as long as they have the skills and can improve the bottom line. However, Bartz doesn’t kowtow to the prevailing pressure. She recognizes that teamwork, idea sharing and a generally happy workforce are factors that build a successful organization.

Unfortunately, Bartz didn’t create a successful company, at least from a financial perspective. However, her statement begs the question: Can a superstar be as effective as an average employee, if he or she can’t work well with others? Does an employee who has the most desirable credentials but can’t work in a team, share information or communicate effectively do more harm to your organization than good?

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