Get Rid of HR?

December 2, 2011 at 4:07 pm Leave a comment

It’s the season to be jolly, but business analysts and owners aren’t being generous toward the contributions of HR. In fact, the blogosphere is teeming with articles and advice on how to eliminate HR departments or replace an existing team. Here are a few examples:

The Harvard Business Review Blog Network featured a post titled “Ten Clues It’s Time to Replace Your Head of HR.” If you aren’t keeping up with technology or your competitors, and you are unpopular with your workforce, read this blog and take heed.

• Some business owners say they simply can’t afford an HR department. “Operating your business without human resources” offers a roadmap on how to survive without a professional dedicated to hiring, firing, payroll and employment law compliance. The solution is to place those responsibilities in the laps of managers (who are probably already overworked). Fortunately, the author recommends training to avoid mistakes and lawsuits.

• Finally, a travel company executive touted how he eliminated his HR department because it was hampering his business goals. He said HR stifled innovation among his 1,300 staff members. His HR department just focused on avoiding errors, rather than creating a strong talent pool that could grow the business, he said in the article “Should you fire your HR department?

Do you see a trend toward minimizing the contributions of HR? State your opinion in our comments section.


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