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Can You Hack HR? Consider This Creative Approach to Improving Your Employee Engagement

HR is about working with people and making the most of this most valuable resource, which is one factor that makes an HR hackathon such an interesting proposition.


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Beware of Social Media Spying As New Laws Take Effect

It’s true that HR managers are turning more and more to new technology help them do their job, and that many HR positions today require some aptitude in the use of social media.

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For Daily Success, Commit or Quit

A local newspaper reported that the recent hacking of the Virginia Tech human resources server—which involved employment and education information for thousands of job applicants, in addition to driver’s license data—was the result of an employee who did not follow security protocols.

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Can Technology Make HR More “Human”?

While human resources professionals handle a number of critical administrative tasks that make a business run effectively, in the end, their job is all about people. It’s about finding the people that will help a company run smoothly, giving them the tools they need to succeed in their jobs and motivating them to maximize their production, among so many other things.

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12 days of Christmas: HR headaches

The holidays are here and, along with them, the opportunity for employees to goof off and collectively test the limits of managers and Human Resources professionals everywhere. Don’t let these headaches disrupt your office. Watch out for these top 12 HR Headaches this holiday season:

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Hiring for the best fit, not the best resume

Recruiters are the ones out there on the front lines of the workforce bringing talent into organizations. There are a lot of qualified people out there from a credential standpoint, but fit is where the true challenge lies. Will this person fit our organization? Does the person look and feel to others like they belong here?

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Time to update your employee handbook

Recent activity by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) means that it is time to review, and possibly revise, some key employment policies. The NLRB enforces the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which, contrary to popular belief, applies to most employers—including non-unionized businesses …

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