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Teamwork: A dying skill in today’s business environment

Teamwork is important. And in a cutthroat business world, where so many people are out for No. 1, solid teamwork skills are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Just look at the forces drastically affecting how we work:


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12 days of Christmas: HR headaches

The holidays are here and, along with them, the opportunity for employees to goof off and collectively test the limits of managers and Human Resources professionals everywhere. Don’t let these headaches disrupt your office. Watch out for these top 12 HR Headaches this holiday season:

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Our way of saying “Thanks!”

Thanksgiving is next week, and we want to take a moment to thank you—our valued readers—for reading this blog.

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Does your hiring policy exclude ex-cons? Watch out!

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a new set of guidelines concerning the use of criminal background information in employment decisions. The guidelines should serve as a reminder to employers, and their attorneys, that they cannot automatically exclude from consideration all job applicants with criminal records. That includes applicants with felony convictions …

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Do you know why candidates turn down your job offers?

When a strong candidate turns down an offer from your organization, do you know why? Maybe the person got a more lucrative offer from one of your competitors. Or maybe the candidate decided that the commute was too long and relocation wasn’t an option. Those are certainly possibilities, but a new study conducted by recruitment firm Hays of over 870 Australian employers and job hunters indicates that other factors prompt more candidates than you might expect to refuse job offers …

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3 ways to break out of the HR silo and add value

If you start thinking about hiring for a position when your organization is ready to advertise it, you’re late to the game. Here are three actions you should be taking now …

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Attract top-tier applicants

Recruiting top-notch employees is no easy task. Sure, a mediocre job ad might garner applications, but don’t be surprised when those applicants turn out to be mediocre themselves. Raise the bar and attract the caliber of applicants you really want, by following this advice from Hire Exceptional Employees …

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