Is Your Web Use Policy Hurting Worker Productivity?

Are you banning personal web-surfing during work hours at your office? Early findings from a University of Cincinnati study may have you rethinking that policy, as research indicates that taking online breaks at work can leave employees refreshed and actually help improve their productivity.

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4 Programs to Promote Workplace Learning

There’s a lot of talk about the value of hiring top talent, but what about creating top talent? If you’re having trouble finding the skillset you need, there are lots of areas where HR can help put programs in place to guide employees’ on-the-job development.

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How to Think Big and Beyond Incentives for Your Wellness Program

Are incentives the driving force of your employee wellness programs? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone—but that’s not necessarily good news.

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Why HR Managers Must Manage Expectations

It was the sort of opportunity that most job hunters only hope for, and Jasmine R. wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity for a more prestigious position and a bigger paycheck—never mind the fact that it wasn’t the job she had originally applied for.

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Can You Hack HR? Consider This Creative Approach to Improving Your Employee Engagement

HR is about working with people and making the most of this most valuable resource, which is one factor that makes an HR hackathon such an interesting proposition.

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“Everyone” Is Offering Incentives; What Does This Mean for You?

Recent research from WorldatWork, in combination with Deloitte Consulting and Vivient Consulting, shows that publicly-traded firms, privately-held companies and nonprofit/government organizations all are using and relying on incentive-based pay practices to compete for top talent, as well as to motivate and reward their employees.

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Beware of Social Media Spying As New Laws Take Effect

It’s true that HR managers are turning more and more to new technology help them do their job, and that many HR positions today require some aptitude in the use of social media.

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